Brecon Becons

A week into our time in Wales, we got the opportunity to spend a day in Brecon. Brecon is a small village of under 8000 people located in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons. Although small, we found there was a lot to see (I’m starting to notice a pattern – there is a correlation between the age of a town and how interesting it is).

Regimental Museum

Our first stop was the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh. This museum covers the history of 320 years of military service of the local Welshmen, with a large focus on the first and second world wars, as well as the Zulu Wars (which we were completely unaware of prior to visiting the museum!). Although it was not a big museum, it was interesting! We particularly enjoyed dressing up and pretending to be soldiers, because we seem to forever be children at heart…

The Brecon Canal

After visiting the museum, we wandered down to the picturesque canal. This canal was beautiful and we particularly enjoyed wandering our way down the promenade and seeing barges along the way. One of the barges we saw was a spectacular Beatles-themed barge… and in my opinion you can’t get any better than Beatles-themed anything! The canal is undoubtedly one of the prettiest parts of Brecon.

Brecon Cathedral

Our favourite part of Brecon was definitely the Cathedral. Our first stop was the Pilgrim’s Tea room where we ate lunch, because a visit to a museum and a canal can be really tiring (for us…). For a small tea room, it has some marvelous food, including our orders of a chicken risotto and Cajun chicken wrap. Afterwords, we felt energetic enough to visit the actual Cathedral, which although beautiful, was just a typical Cathedral. However, its size seems extraordinary for such a small town. The Cathedral is also surrounded by a beautiful property, which we enjoyed touring around and relaxing in.

Brecon may be small, but it has a lot of appeal to those looking for a relaxing day in a cute village!