Never Ending Wander Lust

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Hi! I’m Caitlin and I am a travalaholic. I first started considering myself a world traveler when I was 14. That was when I took my first trip to Europe, and my first trip alone – as part of an exchange program where I lived with a family in France for a month. That trip was when my love of travel began.

In the following years, I traveled any time I could – with my family, with my school, with my theatre company – and little by little I became more independent and my love of travel grew.

I got to realize many of my travel dreams when I did a semester abroad at the Université de François Rabelais in Tours, France in the Fall of 2012. In that semester, I travelled throughout France, as well as to London, Dublin, Portugal, Amsterdam, and Belgium.

I travel with my family, with my friends, with my boyfriend, and solo – and I have enjoyed all of it!

Now, I am just counting the days until I graduate in May and get to travel again!