Qualified endorsement in Cancun

We chose to remain here or one night before going to our hotel for the remainder of our holiday season. The team was enjoyable and helpful. The room was super clean with a large shower and soft, comfy mattress. Since we just stayed for a night, we didn’t actually use any of those amenities that the hotel provided, but we did feel really safe here. Would definitely stay here again for a brief term stay.

My flight from Cancun was suddenly, and a part of those individuals from our trip had been used to this resort for the evening. We arrived at 9:00 pm, were instantly given a room and told we’d be served dinner at a half hour; we received recommendations for el cielo beach in cozumel mexico very close to Cancun.

The rooms are fantastic with a massive bath. The lunch was yummy! We needed to be up and prepared to get our bus back to the airport; 00 am, and once we moved to test out we had been advised that breakfast was ready for us. Everybody in the Sheraton bent over backward for us and has been very much valued.

I can’t say how fantastic our week-long stay was Four Points. The whole team (and I really do mean full) was friendly, useful, proactive, and genuinely cared. From check to check-out, each staff member we encountered was fantastic. We had been there for medical reasons (stem cell treatment via Celltex in Hospital Galenia). Therefore there were times my husband was not up to going downstairs to get a meal. When there was a clear care problem under our first area, the manager moved us into another (and larger ) area without us requesting a movement — he expected the matter and listened until it turned into one.

It’s that kind of items which produce a guest feel cared for and valued. Adding to how amazing the staff was, as you would think language could be a challenge, each person we talked with could understand English or made a concerted effort to attempt (as we tried to speak broken Spanish, too ). There was an elevator for the swimming pool, although it had been broken the whole time we’re there. Each of the rooms/bathrooms was of excellent size. We started out at a first living room (oversize, walk-in cupboard ) and finished up in a junior suite (oversize shower and whirlpool soaking tub ).

Though maybe not a full-out hotel, we’re impressed with the food & drink offerings.  Space service, two restaurants, swimming pool, etc. had many different foods so that you do not get overly tired, at very reasonable prices. And of course, superb service employees who have been professional and warm.

Excellent hotel. Prices, also, were an excellent change-of-pace.  After remaining at the resort zone first time in Cancun, now by staying at the middle of the city, we could prevent”tourist prices” (upwards of 3 times regular prices ) and afforded realistic prices. Cleanliness is a huge deal for me personally. Though the center is famous, everything was tidy. There were always folks about cleaning something.