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Wandering Norwich

I’ve been a little quiet lately, but that’s because Ed and I have been having such a relaxing time it has been hard to find the motivation to write! We’ve been staying and working at a B&B just outside of Norwich, England and it has been absolutely lovely. The weather has been much better than expected (I may not have had to pack quite so many pieces of waterproof clothing), and we enjoy our work which is mostly just gardening and doing bits of housework, so it is nothing too difficult!

We’ve managed to take a few trips into Norwich by this point and it has quickly become high on my list of my favourite cities in the UK! Here are some of the things that I’ve enjoyed doing in Norwich:

Of course, castles are always top of my list of things to do in a European city, but this one was a little different. Far from being restored to its 11th-century glory, it has actually been transformed into a museum commemorating the history of the Norfolk region. When you enter the castle, you emerge into a small rotunda surrounded by various exhibits.

We went first into the natural history exhibit, and wandered through interesting exhibits on  fashion, teapots, and an art gallery, followed by a history of the Romans, the vikings, and the early Anglo-saxons, before we eventually found ourselves in the castle keep, where we learned about the history of the castle itself. After that we made our way down to the dungeons, where we learned about the time when the castle was a prison. We loved the variety of the things we learned about at the Norwich Castle Museum.

The Norwich Cathedral was quite a large cathedral, and certainly one of the most interesting we’ve seen yet. Although it was interesting inside the cathedral, we liked it even better once we left it – because we exited into beautiful cloisters. Ed loved the labyrinth located in the center of the cloisters, though we both pronounced it as being far too easy! 

Afterwards, we wandered for a while in the cathedral close, which contains many businesses and private residences, and is by far the largest cathedral close I’ve ever seen! I believe that it is the largest in England, and it certainly seems so.


Beyond the two main destinations of the cathedral and the castle, we spent much of the rest of our time in Norwich simply wandering. It is by wandering that we discovered some of the prettiest sites in the city – Pulls Ferry, Elm Hill, the daily covered market – it all has its own appeal!

Norwich quickly became my favourite city that we’ve visited so far. While not a typical tourist destination in England, I think it is one of the nicer cities we’ve been to so far, and definitely worth a visit for those who get the opportunity.