Loved This Experience

While stunned to be given a menu the moment I walked and cautioned that there wasn’t any Mexican of Japanese meals and that I must decide if I wished to stay – that I had a wonderful dinner. Glad after my meals arrived for the”warning”. Having an open mind, I always liked my meals.

Luis was our server, and Sergio helped us well and was fantastic in ensuring we had a fun dining experience. They recommended some cozumel mexico sightseeing tours near to the hotel we stayed. Luis was quite knowledgeable about the food and also made sure that he knew what we’d like. We loved everything. It was so intriguing, freshly prepared and yummy food. Also, he made sure that we had excellent beverages. We’d definitely go back to Maki Taco!

Maki Taco doesn’t disappoint. Was a little apprehensive but was pleasantly surprised by how nicely Mexican and Japanese meals fused together. Caption, Sergio, made sure that our experience was top notch. The food was yummy. Our waiter, Manual supplied us with excellent guidance through the menu and made some great tips. The Whole staff was so welcoming: Juan, Eliseo, Luis, and Ivan – thank you for a great night.

It was a fun, relaxing weekend but my favorite restaurant needed to become Maki Taco, and this was due to my server Carlos. The very first thing that he inquired after introductions were, “Are there any allergies?”

And that right there made me understand I had the best server in the restaurant. Obviously, I’ve both nut and seafood allergies, so its idiotic of me to try this restaurant but he promised me that I might still eat. Carlos had my very best buddy, and I hooked about the tempura cilantro where we had 4 requests! Overall it was a fantastic experience, and he was an excellent server!

Carlos was our server and was really beneficial. The host whose name I cannot recall told us that the wait was 20-30 minutes after we agreed to wait that he encouraged us to a beverage of our choice in the pub. Carlos was really patient and helpful. The food has been great and quick. Will definitely eat here again.

We moved to Maki Taco for supper for a family with two children, the food was absolutely amazing, and the service was fast, kind and flavorful. We had our captain Sergio, and our waiters Luis, Manuel, Eliseo, and Ivan. They were so helpful with all the kids and with the items on the menu. Absolutely yummy food we went twice.